11 Places to Visit in Vadodara with Your Family

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Visitors who come to Vadodara will find the city to have a lot to provide. And if you reside in this region, you are fortunate to have access to journeys of the popular Vadodara attractions whenever you like. The city is renowned for its rich tradition, and by exploring the palace, museums, Mandvi gate, etc., you may get a sense of its richness and magnificence. However, there are many possibilities available if you want to see the several stunning tourist attractions close to this city. Here are a few things you really must explore when in Vadodara:

1. Anand

The area is well-known for containing the milk manufacturing facilities for the well-known dairy company Amul, however it’s also a great place to spend a day with the families. When you arrive, you can decide which places to explore close to Anand. However as you go to the area, don’t forget to stop by the Bharuch Fort and Jama Masjid. After exploring this place, you must know the benefits of reserving a Vadodara Resort for resting purposes.

2. Zarwani waterfall

You must go to Shoolpaneshwar Zoo to observe the magnificent Zarwani waterfall. While there, you’ll be able to see a variety of plants and animals as well as one of the greatest waterfalls close to Vadodara. Either a trekking or a safari are options for getting to the waterfall. The third choice is to walk on a natural route. You will without a question have an amazing time in the middle of nature, regardless of how you get there.

3. Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the most breathtaking locations close to Vadodara is the Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary, which can be reached in approximately 3 hours. To see large animals like bears, wild pigs, and some cats, you can go on a safari. At this location, you can experience a really adventure-filled journey. You can enjoy camping and go hiking here, among other things.

4. Dakor

If it has been any time since you last took your family’s senior members on vacation, consider making Dakor for your upcoming family vacation location. Not only is the 18th-century Krishna temple a location to honor the Hindu god, but it also has beautiful architecture and interior decoration. You must, however, pay attention to the temple’s restrictions. One of the best spots to spend a day with family nearby Vadodara is this one.

5. Hathni waterfalls

You may appreciate one of the spectacular 100 kilometre road journeys from Vadodara to the Hathni waterfalls. To get to this waterfall, you must pass through a thick forest. There is peace and quiet throughout this area. Here, you can unwind however you like without being bothered by anyone. Campings, where visitors can prepare food as well, are one of the attractions that are frequently selected here by visitors.

6. Champaner

Tourists frequent the highlands of Champaner and Pavagadh frequently. The location is mostly well-known for the remains of ancient structures and forts. One of the main highlights in this area is the Champaner fortress, which displays a fusion of Islamic and Hindu construction. The Champaner fortress is accessible from 8.30 am to 5 pm and charges INR 40 for entrance. The setting here is ideal for vintage photos.

7. Toranmal

Toranmal is unique among all the nearby tourist destinations in Vadodara. It is a hill station surrounded by lush foliage that is located in the Satpura range. Lotus Lake and Yeshwantpur Lake are this mountain town’s two main draws. The Lotus flowers that grow fully throughout the lake’s optimum season are where the name Lotus came from. When the lake is in bloom, which begins around June and lasts until mid-August, it is breathtaking. Keep in mind your camera is in functioning order before planning to explore this location throughout the peak of the blossoming season.

8. Mandu

Mandu, also referred to as Mandavgarh, is a fortified city. The whole city is covered with old stone walls and gates. The Jama Masjid and Hoshang Shah’s Tomb, which combine Turkish and Afghan architectural styles, are two of this lovely city’s prominent tourist highlights. Do not neglect to see Jahaz Mahal. The Jahaz Mahal, which is situated between Kapur Talao and Munj Talao, looks like a boat.

9. Mount Abu

Visitors from Gujarat and Rajasthan frequently visit the hill region of Mount Abu. There are numerous temples in this mountain town, but if you’re up for an excitement, go hiking and backpacking. The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary can potentially be explored on a jeep safari.

10. Pavagadh

The century-old Kalika Mata temple above the Pavagadh hillock, which is situated at a height of 762 metres, is well-known. One can either hike up to the temple via a paved path or can quickly access the Kali Maa temple via a ropeway cable ride and indulge in the stunning scenery on the way there. One of the popular tourist destinations close to Vadodara is on top of that mountain. And you can experience the most breathtaking 360-degree panorama in Champaner town.

11. The Statue of Unity

The statue of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, known as the Iron Man of India, is known as the Statue of Unity and is the highest monument in the entire globe. One of the engineering wonders is the monument built in the midst of the Narmada River close to the Narmada dam. It was one of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s ambitious initiatives, built with the intention of boosting the tourist industry in Gujarat and paying respect to India’s Iron Man. One of Gujarat’s must-see attractions is the Statue of Unity, which is surrounded by a valley of flowers with greater than 100 different plant kinds. After a hectic day, you should understand the reasons for booking a room at a Vadodara Resort.

Given the abundance of possibilities, it’s extremely conceivable that you will become confused. However you will have a wonderful experience wherever you decide to go. Check the ideal time to commute from Vadodara to each location while you are gathering details about the locations. This will enable you to plan a fantastic trip without any issues.

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