2023 McCormick Flavor of the Year inspired creative culinary masterpieces

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When McCormick releases its Flavor Forecast report, many cooks devour every word. While some flavors might be familiar, others can feel slightly more exotic. Even if the newest offering is not in the pantry, the tie to something familiar makes it approachable. With the 2023 McCormick Flavor of the Year, the culinary journey on the stove might be the next great adventure.

With input from global chefs, culinary professionals, trend trackers, food technologists, and team members, McCormick announced its Flavor Forecast for 2023. Although these ideas are just a prediction, the reality is that people are hungry to expand their cooking repertoire. Adding in the Inaugural Flavor of the Year to the mix gives a sprinkle of encouragement to bring the sizzle to the pan.

As Kevan Vetter, Executive Chef, Senior Director of Culinary for McCormick said, “This year, McCormick is rolling out its most intriguing Flavor Forecast report yet, unveiling key trends that will shape the way that consumers prepare and enjoy foods for the next year. With the inaugural Flavor of the Year, Vietnamese x Cajun Style Seasoning, McCormick is demonstrating the culinary masterpiece that emerges when cuisines are combined.”

Before diving into the Flavor Forecast, the inaugural Flavor of the Year, Vietnamese x Cajun Style Seasoning is an innovative take on a flavor blend that many cooks will want to incorporate into their cooking. With a nod to Cajun heat from cayenne and paprika to the vibrant lemongrass and pungent garlic in Vietnamese recipes, this combination opens a world full of cooking possibilities.

In addition, it shows the commonalities across global cuisines. It might not exactly be the same, but the similarities give home cooks confidence to try something new. From a simple stir fry to some chicken wings, there are many ways to add some nuance to a favorite food.

2023 McCormick Flavor of the Year, Vietnamese x Cajun Style Seasoning

2023 McCormick Flavor of the Year, Vietnamese x Cajun Style Seasoning, photo provided by McCormick

How does the McCormick Flavor of the Year blend into the Flavor Forecast?

According to McCormick, the 2023 Flavor Forecast focuses on Full Flavored Fats, Everyday French, and Beyond Heat. While the titles seem relatively straight forward, the concepts have layers to discover.

For example, the Full Flavored Fats are more than just another compound butter. It is appreciating the old saying fat is flavor in a different way. While that component brings richness to a dish, it is more than just copious amounts of fat without purpose. Even with a nod to balanced eating, fat is an integral part to any recipe.

With the Everyday French, it is about celebrating the approachable qualities of French cuisine. Beyond the concept of mother sauces and cooking techniques, the foundation of many great recipes and food trends can be traced back to the classics. Seeing how these concepts are applied in today’s kitchen makes the old new again.

Lastly, the concept of Beyond Heat focuses not just on the extreme spice for the sake of a reaction. It is about the built up to and the lingering power that flavors offer. From pairing flavors to enhance the tingle on the palate to riding the roller coaster of flavor experiences, it is about the journey which spices can offer.

As one year closes and another begins, the 2023 McCormick Flavor of the Year and Flavor Forecast is clear. 2023 will be far from bland and boring.


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