4 Fun Activities Around a Campfire

Versie Dortch

The first human-made campfire was by Australopithecus robustus or Homo erectus in South Africa, roughly 1.6 million years ago. Today, a campfire is an essential part of camping to provide heat for cooking, warmth, and light for campers. Established campgrounds have a steel safety ring or stone on a designated area to prevent the spread of fire to the nearby vegetation. With modernization, there are various portable campfires like the LavaBox campfire in a can that uses propane, providing you with movement flexibility and more safety.

Below are some activities that you can engage in during camping.

1. Charades

With group camping games, charades come in handy as they can be turned according to the age group participating. This game guarantees to turn the dullest member of your group to be active while enhancing your cognitive skills. 

The main idea or theme of the game is for one team member to act out a character from a film, book, or play and for the rest of the group to guess the character. The character actor is not allowed to speak but describe the acts using signs and gestures.

2. Toasting Marshmallows

No camping is complete without toasting some marshmallows. If there is a sweet tooth in your group or a kid, they look forward to this sweet, chewy, warm taste. Roasting marshmallows goes back decades ago before the invention of machine-extrude candy.

No one knows the exact origin of the tradition, but a Girl Scout Organization was responsible for naming the treats. In 1927, the Girls Scout handbook had the first documented recipe combining graham crackers and chocolate. 

3. Stargazing

Gazing at the stars is a magical moment for kids and adults after a long and fun-filled night. This activity helps you appreciate the sky’s natural beauty and relax your mind. Stargazing reconnects you with nature as you learn that you are a small creation in a good way, part of a larger infinite whole.

In addition, you can engage in constellation conversations, including the constellation of the zodiac, with your teammates to stir your mind. The visible patterns of the stars form a perceived shape or form, mostly representing an animal. 

4. Goods and Bads

This activity is an excellent conversation starter for kids and adults, allowing you to learn more about each other. The game is simple–each person in the group must detail one positive and negative thing that happened to them during the week.

You will be surprised about the things you will find out from your loved ones and closest friends. The game inevitably leads to deeper and more established connections. 

Final Thoughts on Campfire Activities

Camping is good for your body and mind. The benefits include connecting with nature, unplugging and staying away from electronic gadgets, stress reduction, and increased physical fitness.  Additionally, camping provides growth benefits for children and teenagers as it helps build skills necessary for successful adulthood. For example, it might be social skills or boosting self-confidence.

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