A Flavorful Cultural Overlap: My 12 Favorite Food Experiences On Reunion Island

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French cooking is regarded as to be some of the ideal in the earth. With its cooking tactics, appreciation for clean components and flavors, pride in presentation, and abundant and colourful heritage, French delicacies has occur to rule the earth. Technically section of France, but sitting down in the center of the Indian Ocean, Réunion Island, with its exclusive geographical situation and its link with France, is a gastronomic melting pot of different cultures and preferences. The island’s delicacies can take its exceptional flavors from centuries of combined French, Malagasy, Chinese and Indian influences, although creating superior use of area fruits, greens, and seafood.

For travelers who appreciate to try to eat their way by way of a location, this very small territory has no lack of exciting dishes to discover. Here are a couple highlights truly worth trying to find out.

Cari, a curry-based dish on Reunion Island
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1. Cari 

Cari is viewed as 1 of the plats de resistance in Réunion, and no two caris are the same. This dish can be loosely explained as greens, meat, fish, or even on situation, jackfruit, served in a curry sauce designed from curcuma (turmeric), garlic, thyme, onions, ginger, neighborhood saffron, and a spicy chili pepper sauce called piment. The main affect for this staple dish is Indian Tamil, and you could look at this a tropical get on a basic curry. Cari is usually served with rice and either beans or lentils. This is a significant dish, so preserve it for when you have a significant hunger.

For the far more adventurous, two of the area specialties are carri tangue (hedgehog) and carri bichique (a little, youthful fish, the spherical mouth Cabot fry, a prized luxury component that can provide for $50 per pound).

The most effective cari I experienced on Réunion was a delightful prawn version that was just what I desired immediately after a tiring early morning expended mountaineering in the island’s interior, in the rain.

Rougail with sausage over rice
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2. Rougail

This is a scrumptious, spicy chili sauce that can be divided into two groups le rougail pilon (a chili sauce you’ll come across on the facet of most dishes) and le rougail marmite (which is a main dish).

One particular of the most well known versions of le rougail marmite is le rougail saucisses (sausage) which brings together tomatoes, garlic, onions, and curcuma with, you guessed it, sausages. Other versions could possibly include cod, herring, eggs, compact slim shrimps termed chevaquines, and even the flower stalks of onions which are extra at the stop of cooking. For the super adventurous, enable me level you toward a local specialty, wasp larvae rougail.

3. Achard

Achard is a salad-like mixture of pickled fruits or vegetables and is aspect of a usual creole lunch or dinner. It’s normally made from a mixture of cabbage, carrots, and inexperienced beans, and then combined with ginger, garlic, oil, vinegar, salt, and often chili.

Bredes; leafy greens that grow on Reunion Island
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4. Brèdes 

Brèdes refers to a vast wide variety of leafy greens expanding on Réunion that are considered to have their origins in Madagascar or East Africa. Apparently, the name will come from the Indian word brette, that means “good to try to eat,” a fitting word for this nutrient-abundant food. Geared up brèdes are most equivalent to American collard greens. This dish is so uncomplicated, delectable, and complete of nutrients, it is difficult not to adore.

Samoussas and salad
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5. Samoussas 

Samoussas in Réunion are deep-fried small triangles, served warm and contemporary from sidewalk suppliers. They are a low cost and filling snack. The fillings can be very unique to Réunion and although some could contain the conventional ground beef and onion, extra unique taste combos can incorporate the instead exceptional shark or pineapple samoussa, or the slightly less daring cheese or crab samoussa. With this kind of assortment, I desired to try them all, thankfully they are low cost!

Bouchons on lettuce; a Chinese-influenced snack
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6. Bouchons 

These are a Chinese influenced, steamed snack. They are common as an appetizer or bar snack. Like Chinese dumplings, they are designed with a skinny, pasta-like dumpling wrapper and loaded with beef, pork, or chicken. Usually, bouchons are served with a aspect of scorching sauce or soy sauce for dipping. They are critically yummy!

Le Americain sandwich
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7. Le Americain 

Le Americain, or “American Sandwiches,” are identified in the beachfront city of Saint-Pierre, in which minimal kiosks provide gooey baked meat-and-cheese sandwiches. For just a number of euros, beachgoers can fill up on their alternative of ham, chicken, hot pet, tuna and corn, or salmon Americains, topped with fries.

Chouchou, a fruit commonly featured in Reunion cuisine
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8. The Chouchou

Also acknowledged as the chayote or christophine, the chouchou is a fleshy fruit that seems a bit like a big misshapen pear and can be eaten raw or cooked and has a style not dissimilar to zucchini. Each and every aspect of the chouchou is edible. Its pulp is used in stew, gratin, soup, salads, stuffed tomatoes, cakes, and jams. The shoots are geared up like asparagus. The tuber can even be cooked like fries. Honestly, not my favorite, but give it a consider!

Energized by the concept of Réunion cooking? Then indicator up for a cookery course with Far Significantly Kréol. You are going to devote the early morning traveling to and purchasing for components in just one of the neighborhood markets, and in the afternoon take portion in a creole cookery workshop.

All this consuming can be thirsty work, so allow me give you a couple ideas for points to consume when checking out this island in the sunshine.

Grapes on the vine
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9. Tropical Wines

The tropics are not the initial put you’d think to seek out out a superior wine, but Réunion has formulated a flourishing little wine marketplace, with vines 1st brought to the island in 1771 by French Colonials. Chenin, gros manseng, malbec, pinot noir, syrah grape varieties all thrive in the local climate, developing reds, rosés, and whites that can keep their have in opposition to French wines from the mainland.

In personal homes, you might come across vin qui rend fou (“wine that sends you mad”)! This is wine manufactured from the Isabelle range of grape, a wide range banned in mainland France from 1935 — 2003, but that has usually been grown in Reunion.

Beer in a glass
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10. Island Beer

Wherever you are on the island, you’ll uncover cafes and eating places painted in the colours of the domestically brewed Bourbon beer. Its symbol is a dodo, a huge turkey-like bird that as soon as inhabited the islands of the Indian Ocean and is now extinct. To capture a very little of the island soul, nothing beats savoring a local beer with some samoussas. There is even a lychee flavored dodo beer recognized as the Metiss.

11. Reunionese Rum

The nearby rum is known as Rhum Charrette because of to its label, which characteristics a cart (charrette) loaded with sugar cane, becoming pulled by an ox. It is marketed in glass bottles and also in plastic flasks known as piles plates (practically, “flat batteries”).

Rum on Réunion dates again to the 17th century when it was a byproduct of the sugar field. Over the many years, it is turn out to be the aperitif of option and a tasty way to indulge in Réunion’s culture and history. Reunionese rum can of class be savored neat (be warned Rhum Charrette is 49 p.c alcohol), in punch or a cocktail, but the island’s nearby specialty is rhum arrangé, infused rum, for which there are as a lot of recipes as there are inhabitants!

Rum cocktail with cinnamon and star anise
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12. Rhum Arrangé

Rhum Arrangé is white rum infused and spiced with aromatics. What are the exact elements? There is no “rule of rum” when it will come to a recipe, and that is component of its allure. Rhum Arrangé can be infused with macerated fruits, spices (e.g., cinnamon or vanilla), herbs, faham (a range of wild orchid), and so on., in an countless multitude of combinations. Family members on the island pass down their signature concoction by means of the generations, and if you are provided a glass of Rhum Arrangé from a local, you’ll rarely taste the exact same mixture 2 times.

Everybody has their preferred, but if you are a genuine rum connoisseur, you need to test them all for your self and see! I have tried out citrus, vanilla, espresso, orchid, and ginger infusions, but just after a great deal sampling, I made the decision my favorite was lychee and I’d hugely suggest it!

Moreover nearby restaurants and shops, the greatest place to get an education in rum is at a single of Réunion’s three distilleries. If you’re short on time, head to the Isatier Distillery. It’s the island’s oldest relatives distillery (started in 1845) and residence to the only rum museum on the island.

The very best issue about Réunion Island’s rum? Not only do dining places and distilleries peddle their possess concoctions, but you can also get artistic and make your have! Here’s how to put together the island’s signature drink for oneself:

How To Make Your Possess Rhum Arrangé

  • Buy a bottle of white rum, preferably Réunion Island rum.
  • Obtain an assortment of elements to “spice” your drink. You could use vanilla pods, cinnamon sticks, coffee, pineapple, ginger, or even chilli. Get creative!
  • Incorporate sugar cubes, and do not be shy about it. The sugar will assist distribute the style of the other components, so this is not the time to be conservative.
  • Once your masterpiece is total, seal the bottle and hold out. 3 to 6 months. Indeed, you read that correct. Creating your signature mix of Rhum Arrangé necessitates time and persistence, but it will be value it, I assure.
  • Open up the bottle, strain, and pour the rum above ice cubes. Sit back again and get pleasure from.

I hope you have savored our epicurean look at Réunion Island, and I hope I’ve encouraged you to stop by a single day.

A favored pastime for tourists is sampling neighborhood foodstuff and wine at the location:

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