Examples of a Classic French Breakfast

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You’ve heard of Beignets, Cafe au lait, and the Croque Madame, but what are the different variations of these classics? Let’s answer that question with a list of some of the dishes for classic French breakfast Seattle, WA. There’s really no better way to begin the day! But before we get to those dishes, we need to talk about the word terroir. It’s French for “where the food comes from.”

Cafe au lait

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious way to kick off the day, consider a cup of Cafe au lait. The famous beverage of France is made with hot brewed coffee and steamed milk. While you can serve the drink straight, you can also balance it out by adding some sugar or honey. Though a little sweetener can make it more appealing, this classic French beverage remains a classic. To make this classic French breakfast, you only need two ingredients and five minutes to prepare it.

In France, cafe au lait is served in a small bowl and eaten with toast or croissants. Similar preparations are called “cafe com leite” in Portugal and “milchkaffee” in Germany. A version of the beverage is known as “wrong coffee” in the Netherlands and is made with chicory root instead of milk. The American version is a variation of cafe au lait that developed during the Civil War due to a lack of coffee.


When you’re in the mood for something sweet, beignets are a great choice. These French pastries can be frozen solid and kept for up to two weeks. Before frying, though, they should be allowed to come to room temperature. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Once they’ve risen to the right size, they can be deep-fried. Once the oil has reached 375 degrees, turn the beignets and fry until golden.

The beignet, which is classified as a choux pastry, is a popular French breakfast dish. It is usually served with milk-based coffee or cafe au lait in French. Though there are several theories on how beignets were developed, the pastry has roots in ancient Rome and reached Louisiana via French colonists. It later found its way into the local cuisine and culture of the city’s French quarter.


Canistrelli is a simple and delicious pastry made with flour, sugar, white wine, and olive oil. They are typically double-baked and perfect for dipping into your morning coffee. The history of this pastry goes back to the Middle Ages when it was first made in connection with a Genoese cult. Today, you can find canistrelli in cafes throughout France, but be aware of the COVID-19 travel restrictions.

The French have a different breakfast than those of English-speaking countries, and theirs are typically sweet and carb-heavy. In addition, French breakfasts often contain eggs, but if you do have eggs for breakfast, they’re likely to be a sweet treat. For coffee, many French people will drink it out of a bowl instead of a cup. A classic French breakfast might include a bowl of flavored coffee or a slice of croissant.


A classic French breakfast is often a heavenly combination of fruit and bread. The classic French recipe for gibassier, pronounced “zhi-ba-see-ay,” is a simple and delightful way to start the day. This sweet, anise-flavored bread is easily sold to customers in line for their coffee. It is made with local oranges and orange blossom water and is dipped in sugar before baking.

A gibassier is a delicious flatbread with a citrus flavor that’s traditionally made in the French countryside. The dough is heavy on sugar and fat and does not spring back when rolled out. Because the dough contains no flour, it’s easy to shape it into a variety of shapes, such as triangles, crescents, or even rings. The dough can sit at room temperature for anywhere from 12 to 18 hours before it’s baked.


The French invented the word terroir, and their obsession with where their food comes from and how it is made is reflected in their breakfast menus. While their breakfasts are often simple, there are some unique variations that add to the delight of these classic French dishes. This simple, yet filling, the dish is a favorite among French breakfast enthusiasts. And it’s certainly better than industrially made cakes and pastries.

Often served as a classic French breakfast, tartines are made with a slice of stale bread soaked in a mixture of egg and milk and then fried in melted butter. While the recipe is said to have come from an English cookbook around 1430, the word Tarte is actually more accurate to refer to toast than a sandwich. In reality, tartines are a combination of two pieces of bread, a slice of bread, and melted butter, which is a type of brioche.

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