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Versie Dortch

Are you looking for a new holiday destination for the near future? Then the Netherlands might be a very nice holiday destination for you. In the Netherlands, they have a lot of different things that you can do. You can also do this in many places in the Netherlands. So it doesn’t matter where you go on holiday. The distance between the north and south of the Netherlands is also not very great. For example, you can be in Utrecht within an hour from ‘s-Hertogenbosch. You can also easily use public transport in the Netherlands for nice days out.

Most museums together

Are you a real culture buff? Then Amsterdam is the place to be. You can easily visit all the museums. They are close to each other. You have many different museums that you can visit. For example, you have the moco museum. The Moco Museum is an Amsterdam art museum. The moco museum focuses mainly on modern and street art. For example, you can add the moco museum to your list of Amsterdam art museums that you can definitely visit when you are on vacation. In addition, the moco museum is also very up to date. This way you know for sure that you get the latest modern art and can enjoy it.

Another Amsterdam art museum is of course the Rijksmuseum. This is an Amsterdam art museum that you don’t want to miss visiting. This Amsterdam art museum contains works of art by world-famous artists that are centuries old.

A piece of history

If you are very interested in the Second World War, Kamp Vught or Camp Westerbork is a nice place to visit. Many Jews were murdered here during the Second World War or sent to the camp in Germany. In addition, there is a very beautiful national monument in camp Westerbork. In memory of all Jewish people and other people who were killed during the Second World War. If you want to complete the experience, you might consider going to the Soldaat van Oranje performance. A very beautiful performance about the lives of five friends during the war. Who can still be trusted and who cannot? Will the five friends stay together and help each other where necessary? Or is it not easy to keep your hands above each other’s heads? A very beautiful, but also moving and informative piece. And that only in a hangar. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the Netherlands.

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