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When it comes to cooking, it is not just about making good food; it’s about handling the entire kitchen, understanding the flavors, taste, and preference of the eaters, cleaning the cooking area, and much more. A private chef is an exclusive cook who plans then completes the menu for you. You have the liberty of discussing the dietary requirements before finalizing the menu. You can also bring innovation to the food by including your family cuisines and having a secret recipes section. Whether you want to hire a private chef or aspire to become one, read on to explore more.

private chef in Austin is no ordinary cook. They must have proper qualifications in the field with immense expertise to become an exclusive chef. The few qualities to mention are a great passion for cooking, innovativeness, ability to handle smoothly under pressure, and agility to cope with last-minute changes. Exclusive attention to detailing, high standards of cooking, great cleanliness norms, and know-how of flavors are also imperative. Handling the chef knives with stock management in the kitchen pantry is also additional works.

Private chef VS Personal chef

Private cooks and personal chefs have the same responsibilities. However, there is a slight difference. A personal chef is not always present in the kitchen and therefore charges reasonably. They bring their equipment and creates a set menu for the kitchen. But the private chef is present all the time in the kitchen and is ready to repaper fresh meals all day. They are liable not just for the cooking but also for getting the ingredients. 

A private chef is ideal for people with an exclusive diet regime, and therefore, many terminally ill opt for private cooks. Celebrities and famous personalities also prefer exclusive chefs. However, personal chefs are the best for people who cannot cook but look for someone to do it. You must keep the fridge and pantry filled up for the personal chef. 

Responsibilities go beyond cooking

The job responsibility of any private chef is vast and largely depends on the size of the establishment. However, each private chef is unique, but here are the duties of responsibilities of any private chef:

  • Planning the menu
  • Customizing the menu for special parties, gatherings, and guests
  • Procurement of ingredients (fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood)
  • Preparation of meals for the principals
  • Preservation of ingredients in the fridge and pantry
  • Making long term storage meals for later use
  • Labeling the meals for reheating and thawing
  • Cleansing of the kitchen and clearing the equipment
  • Sticking to the dietary requirements of the principals
  • Innovative cooking
  • Always available 

Great food = Great chef

The key to great food and a healthy diet is dependent on hiring the right chef. There are different types and levels of chefs for one kitchen. Oh Yes! The incredible-looking plate that comes on your table is teamwork. The system of giving titles to every chef dates to the 19th century from the French Brigade system. However, the system evolved over the period, and every restaurant has set up individual kitchen hierarchies and stations. Every kitchen is unique, and the size of the establishment is vital in deciding the number of chefs and cooks. Here is the list of the type of chefs standard in most of the kitchens around the world.

Types of chefs

The highest-ranking chefs in the kitchen hold the title of managerial or specialized chefs. The ranking demarks their tasks and authority lines. Each chef has various tasks: deciding the menu, organizing the kitchen sheets, recipe creation, and presentation. Becoming a chef is not ordinary; years of education, hard work, and experience come as a challenge every time. There are two main categories of chefs – Managerial chefs and Specialized chefs. 

Managerial chefs

  • Chef-owner: Also known as Group chef with a primary responsibility of business management. The chef-owner is a sole position in any kitchen. The major task also involves running the entire establishment and support in menu creations.
  • Executive chef: Also known as Chef de Cuisine or Head chef, they handle the main task of kitchen management. The responsibilities include daily operations, kitchen costs, food preparations, and menu plans. Another primary responsibility is innovating recipes and cuisine for the menu. There is always one executive chef in every kitchen resulting in the highest competition for this position.
  • Sous chef: Also known as Under chef or Second chef, has the primary task of team management. Every kitchen size is different, and therefore, there could be more than one Sous chef. The responsibilities involve managing the menu and checking the details of every cuisine. Authority wise the Sous Chef is second in command and becomes the chief in the absence of the Executive chef. Training and mentoring of new chefs are another responsibility.
  • Senior chef: Also known as Chef de Partie or Station chef, has the main task of stations management. There is more than one Station chef in any kitchen with the duty of specific kitchen station management. The Senior Chef specializes in certain sections of the menu and ensures high-quality of that station. 

Specialized chefs

  • Pastry chef: Also known as Pâtissier, they are responsible for preparing loaves of bread, pastries, and desserts. The duty of the entire dessert menu depends on the pastry chef, and therefore, it calls are extensive specialization and expertise in baking. Sometimes the Pastry chef is as influential as the Executive chef in the kitchen. 
  • Sauce chef: Also known as Saucier or Sauté chef, who oversees the preparation of sauces and gravies for the entire menu. Other tasks include making soups and stews. It is a very French-style position but is also prevalent in other cuisine kitchens.
  • Fish chef: Also known as Poissonier, holds the job of handling the seafood in any kitchen. The job amplifies to procurement of seafood from the local market and creating a menu from it.
  • Vegetable chef: Also known as Entremetier, they have the primary responsibility of vegetables and starches. It involves monitoring the procurement of fresh vegetables from local vendors and innovating recipes from it. They are also responsible for soups and egg dishes.
  • Meat chef: Also known as Rotisseur or Roast Chef, holds the main task of obtaining meat from local supplies and preparing meat cuisines. The main techniques involve roasting, broiling, braising, and stewing. 
  • Pantry chef: Also known as Garde Manager, they handle the primary job of making uncooked food items like salads, cold cuts, dressings, and hors d’ oeuvres. Another responsibility includes setting up the centerpieces for the buffet tables and decorations that involve carving and lovely moldings.
  • Fry chef: Also known as, Friturier with the main job of cuisines that require frying. These are more popular in fast-food restaurants and rarely found in fine dining kitchens.
  • Grill chef: Also known as Grillardin, with the major task of grilled dishes from the menu. Grilling could include vegetables and meat.
  • Butcher chef: Boucher is also responsible for cutting and carving meat for the station chefs in the kitchen. 

More pros of hiring a chef

When you look for hiring a chef for your kitchen, it is a crucial decision that calls for intense consideration. Planning the three meals, shopping, handling the equipment, and bringing a nutritious meal every time is a mammoth job. But this extravagance comes with tremendous perks. How about imparting this elite and exclusive task to a certified professional? To have a personal cook will bring drastic lifestyle and home improvements. 

  • Eating each meal as a wholesome and healthy plate is always challenging. But when an expert does it for you, it is very simple. Private cook gathers the details of your taste, dietary requirements, and family preferences before procuring the ingredients.
  • The complete pantry is in control of the professional chef, so you don’t have to worry about the supplies.
  • You save a massive amount of time as the chef handles practically everything. 
  • You have the choice of exploring world food. The cook can set your plate with is the perfect combination of continental dishes from around the globe.
  • Professional chefs are experts in preparing different cuisines from various parts of the world with the tiny specifications of your taste pallet.
  • You have a qualified chef in your house so, and you have access to cooking tips anytime. You may experience the carving and cutting methods, use tools and knives, and get professional insight into cooking.
  • When an expert cook manages your meal, you get more time to focus on work, family, and children and create memories.
  • The personal chef handles the exclusive menu, family cuisines, and wine for parties and special gatherings.

You can also hire a personal cook for family vacations and holidays. When you travel with friends and family on exclusive trips, cooking is the last thing you want to do. Hiring a chef would sort this and ensure an unlimited supply of delicious meals with drinks to make a memorable holiday. Enjoy the delicacies over every meal!

Hire a private chef to enjoy the world cuisines on your cruise holidays

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