Hudson cruise operator wants to dock at Piermont pier

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PIERMONT – Village trustees, the harbor master and others generally supported a plan to allow Hudson River cruises to dock at the pier about a dozen times in October. But the old pier, in its current state, can’t support it, the village’s engineering consultant reported Wednesday.

Mayor Bruce Tucker said that Blueshore Engineering in New Jersey, which had completed a survey of the pier a few years ago for the village, said significant work would be needed to accommodate the ships, which are up to 270 feet long.

Mooring dolphins – freestanding structures 50 feet north and 50 feet south of the pier – would need to be built. “Mooring lines alone aren’t enough to hold ships that size,” Tucker said. 

The cost was estimated at $350,000, Tucker said. That is not an expense the village would undertake.

“I’m extremely disappointed, to say the least,” Tucker said.

An American Cruise Lines ship during an October trip along the Hudson River.

Dan Goswick, the village’s harbor master and former fire chief, had requested the engineering review during Tuesday’s Village Board meeting.

The river can get pretty rough during storms, Goswick said, and it was imperative to ensure the pier could withstand any contact with a ship.

Idea could boost business

Several merchants pointed out that residents’ concerns about vehicle traffic on Piermont’s narrow roads were ameliorated because cruise visitors would be walking around the village.

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