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MLB Rankings: The Most Unique Specialty Foods Each MLB Ballpark Has to Offer

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    For every person who loves going to the ballpark on a summer evening to catch their favorite team in action, there’s at least one other person who just goes for the food and drinks.

    Ballpark cuisine has certainly evolved since the days of a hot dog and a soda. Stadiums have created variations of virtually every type of food imaginable, pushing the limits of stadium creativity.

    Some old classics are still the favorites of their fans, but the newer options are certainly peaking the interests of fans young and old.

    Here are a few of the can’t-miss options if you’re headed out to a major-league ballpark this summer.

Rangers Ballpark: Big Dog

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    The nearly thousand-calorie Big Dog in Arlington, Texas can make a magnificently tasty dent in your caloric intake.

    The XL-sized dog is smothered in chili and cheese along with freshly grilled onions.

Tropicana Field: Cuban Sandwich

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    Aside from a formidable baseball team in the Tampa Bay Rays, there may not be much to look forward to when heading into the warehouse-like confines of Tropicana Field.

    But if you do make your way there, you can pass the time while you dine on a fine Cuban sandwich.

    Consisting of ham, pulled pork, swiss cheese and yellow mustard, you’d be hard-pressed to not enjoy a sandwich with so much to offer.

Fenway Park: Fenway Franks

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    Playing in a historic ballpark, the Fenway faithful continue to dine on an old-time favorite.

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Fenway Franks, and if I ever make it to Beantown, you’d better believe I’ll make sure to try one (or six) just to be sure they’re everything people claim.

Nationals Park: Half Smoke

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    If you ever make it to the nation’s capital for a ballgame, you’ll probably find yourself indulging in a Half Smoke.

    Smothered in Ben’s Chili, a local favorite, the Half Smoke embodies everything that is a classic ballpark Chili Dog.

Kauffman Stadium: Loaded Rib-Eye Sandwich

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    Aside from the heap of rib-eye steak piled on the bun, the sandwich boasts generous proportions of cheddar cheese, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, onion rings, barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickle.

    A trip to Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City wouldn’t be complete without indulging in such a delicious creation.

Wrigley Field: North Side Twist

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    I grew to love soft pretzels the last time I was in Philadelphia, so I can only imagine how many North Side Twists I’d knock out if I frequented Wrigley Field.

    A monstrous soft pretzel is substantial enough for two to struggle with, but when you throw in the nacho cheese, mustards and frostings that you dip the pretzel in, you’ve got a combination that promises to pair well with your favorite beer.

Rogers Centre: BBQ Chicken Nachos

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    When enjoying the great American pastime in Canada, why not enjoy some great American cuisine right along with it.

    The Rogers Centre serves up options ranging as far East as sushi to the fans, but the BBQ chicken nachos have the look of a culinary champion.

U.S. Cellular Field: Corn off the Cob

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    I’m big on corn on the cob during a hot summer BBQ. It’s a moderately healthy staple that I can feel good about eating…right before I dig into a juicy cheeseburger.

    I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of corn on the cob at a baseball game, so I certainly didn’t know that the Chicago White Sox fans would be dining on corn off the cob. That said, if I ever watch an AL Central showdown at the Cell, I’ll be sure to give it a try.

Miller Park: Bratwurst

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    MILWAUKEE - SEPTEMBER 29: Italian Sausage,Hot Dog,Chorizo,Polish Sausage and Bratwurst get ready for the Sausage Race during the game between the San Diego Padres and the Milwaukee Brewers on September 29, 2007 at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The

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    In a state that’s known for it’s beer and bratwurst, I can’t think of a better combination to enjoy at Miller Park.

    With countless concessions offering the tasty links and a mid-game race dedicated to the namesakes, it’s always a sausage fest when the Brewers are at home.

Angels Stadium: Halo Dog

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    If you’re one of those people who aren’t satisfied with a simple hot dog with ketchup and mustard, Angels Stadium has something for you.

    The Halo Dog is a footlong hot dog that has everything but the kitchen sink going along with it. Wrapped in bacon, the dog is then covered with a healthy dose of shredded cheese, charro beans and peppers.

    One can only hope that Rolaids come along with it.

Chase Field: Arizona Dog

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    Sticking with the hot dog theme, the folks at Chase Field have cooked up a little something of their own.

    Not much needs to be said about the Arizona Dog; the picture pretty much speaks for itself.

Yankee Stadium: Lobel’s

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    If you’re the carnivorous type, you’ll probably make your way to Lobel’s when you take in a game at Yankee Stadium.

    A part of New York for over 150 years, Lobel’s has taken their carving board to the concourses and is serving up what looks like one of the best stadium sandwiches I’ve ever seen.

Coors Field: Rocky Mountain Oysters

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    I’m not sure I’d ever have the “oysters” to try these out, but apparently many have. As mentioned earlier, ballparks are looking for new ways to make their offerings stand out above the rest. Coors Field is no exception.

    With battered and deep-fried bull testicles for sale, the Colorado Rockies have to take the cake for the most unique offering in baseball.

Great American Ballpark: Skyline Cheese Coney

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    If you’re not seeking out Skyline Chili while dining in Cincinnati, you should be.

    The folks at the Great American Ballpark have made this easy for you with their Skyline Cheese Coney that promises to please.

Camden Yards: Boogs

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    It seems that the consensus choice of best food for anyone who has ever set foot in Camden Yards is none other than Boog’s BBQ.

    Boog’s is serving up BBQ pork and beef that keeps everyone happy. Situated in the outfield seats, Orioles and visiting fans congregate around the area to pair the cuts of meat with their favorite beers.

Citizens Bank Park: The Schmitter

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    Since a Philadelphia experience isn’t complete without a Philly Cheesesteak, seeking out a Schmitter seems like a no-brainer.

    Part cheesesteak, part reuben, the Schmitter has to be one of the most brilliant food creations I’ve never had.

Turner Field: The Hammer

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    The concessionaires at Turner Field in Atlanta certainly aren’t lacking style points with their signature creation, the Hammer.

    Encompassing multiple local staples, the Hammer combines two waffles acting as a bun sandwiching a chicken cutlet, onions, bacon, cheese and maple mayonnaise.

Comerica Park: Red, White & Blue Steak Sandwich

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    Created by the Food Network, the Red, White & Blue steak sandwich loads a baguette roll with blue cheese and sweet and spicy pepper mayonnaise along with cuts of meat that would make anyone’s mouth water.

    Available in a handful of ballparks across the league in addition to Detroit, the sandwich could soon be making its way into others if its popularity continues to rise.

Minute Maid Park: BBQ-Stuffed Baked Potato

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    A loaded baked potato is good enough on it’s own, but the chefs at Minute Maid Park have taken it up another notch with the addition of a savory beef brisket.

    With jalapenos on top, this spicy treat puts hot dogs on the back burner for many Astros fans.

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum: Ball-Tip Sandwich

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    The spacious confines of the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum give fans plenty of room to stretch out when necessary.

    After settling into a Ball-Tip Sandwich, fans might need the extra space. In a simple presentation, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise are paired with BBQ tri-tip steak to fill the stomachs of the Oakland faithful.

Target Field: Murray’s Steak Sandwich

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    When the Twins moved out of the confines of the Metrodome after the 2009 season, they revamped their menu in the process.

    Highlighting the vast menu of tasty creations is Murray’s Steak Sandwich. With gourmet meat from the Minneapolis landmark restaurant, the sandwich has been a huge hit for Twins fans young and old.

AT&T Park: Cha-Cha Bowl

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    Salad isn’t the first thing that most fans flock toward when they take a trip to the ballpark. The Cha-Cha Bowl in San Francisco may have fans re-thinking that.

    With black beans, rice, jerk chicken and pineapple salsa, the salad named after Orlando Cepeda is one of the more creative options in ballpark cuisine today.

Dodgers Stadium: Dodger Dog

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    It’s clear that creative options are getting the press at stadiums across the country. Their global offerings are taking away from the foods that made ballpark cuisine great in the first place.

    Through it all, however, the Dodger Dog has remained a staple in Los Angeles. It hasn’t lost it’s luster and likely never will.

Progressive Field: Chicken Waffle Sandwich

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    Combining breakfast and dinner in a very delicious manner, the Chicken Waffle Sandwich in Cleveland is simple enough that it’s components can be tasted throughout.

    If you’re able to get past your skepticism, you might just find that this is an addicting combination.

Busch Stadium: Toasted Ravioli

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    If you’re in the mood for Italian when visiting Busch Stadium in St. Louis, consider pairing some toasted ravioli with your cold Budweiser.

    The breaded, toasted and cheese topped pieces are served with marinara dipping sauce and provide a great option for those looking for something different.

Safeco Field: Ichiroll

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    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when Ichiro made his way to Safeco Field, the Ichiroll wouldn’t be far behind.

    It’s a popular option for the crowd in Seattle that can be paired with sake if you’re looking for the total package.

Citi Field: Lobster Roll

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    With so many options available at Citi Field, it’s hard to pick just one option that sticks out more than the others.

    Being a fan of lobster, however, this caught my eye. A lobster roll is one of the finest things a person can eat when paired with a cold beer, and while I haven’t been allowed the indulgence at a baseball game, I’d imagine it’s about as close to heaven as a combination can get.

PETCO Park: Rubios Fish Tacos

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    With a well-known Mexican restaurant chain already in hand, Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill has infiltrated the confines of PETCO Park in San Diego, and fans couldn’t be happier.

Sun Life Stadium: Paella

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    The Florida Marlins will likely offer a far more detailed menu when they move to their new ballpark, but in the meantime, they do have some creative options for fans.

    Highlighting the list is the paella. In both seafood and sausage varieties, the paella has been a popular option for fans since its inception.

PNC Park: Primanti Bros. Sandwich

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    Every time I see Primanti’s on the Food Network or Travel Channel, I become instantly envious of those who get to feast on their sandwiches on a regular basis.

    A historical landmark in Pittsburgh, Primanti Brothers have been stuffing citizens for nearly 80 years. In more recent history, they took to feeding the crowds at Pirates games.

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