Newly-launched World Bar III serves an eclectic blend of cuisines and quirky cocktails

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If you are looking for a chill place to sip on some wine or a few unconventional concoctions with some delish foods while overlooking a great view, then World Bar III is definitely the place to be. Kolkata always has a soft corner for spacious places, with beautiful large windows and this all-day diner, done up in luxurious black and gold, is surely one such place.

Spicy Salmon Maki

“We wanted to showcase world cuisine and tried to cover as many cuisines as possible without elaborating on the menu. Although cocktails are entrenched in the history of the F&B industry, it has not really taken off in the city. So, we also want to offer something unique to our guests in that regard,” says Arpit Parakh of World War III. “For our cocktails, we make the syrups in-house, and it makes a huge difference in the taste. We keep our garnishes simple yet elegant which make them stand out,” adds head mixologist Shabana Khanam.

Give Me Wings

The menu, curated by food consultant chef Shaun Kenworthy needs no introduction of course. “I have kept the menu colourful and it has different elements. It’s a very simple menu, nothing fancy, just good food on the plate.” The menu offers an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Porcini Cream Cheese Dumpling

What we tried and loved is their Porcini Cream Cheese Dumpling, which offers mildly spiced cream cheese and flavourful porcini mushrooms wrapped in a delicate thin covering . The Spicy Salmon Maki, which had the freshest bite-sized salmon and the perfect crunch to it from the veggies are also worth one‘s attention. Next, we tried the chef’s special Three Cheese Murg Malai Tikka and the chunky pieces of well-marinated chicken, tandoor-ed to perfection topped with a blend of three types of cheese led to a burst of flavours in the mouth. The mains were like comfort in a bowl. We tried the Dal Bukhara and Chicken Kosha with Butter Naan. But you would be mistaken to expect a Bengali Chicken Kosha. This particular dish was a delicious addition to the meal indeed but didn’t quite taste like a Bengali curry. Rather, it had the flavours of a Mughlai or North Indian Style Chicken curry.

Mississippi Mud Pie

The dish that topped our list, however, was definitely the Pizza Nepoli. The amazing blend of sundried tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and jalapenos on a thin crust pizza, is the perfect dish to enjoy with friends. Always with room for desserts, we tried the Mississippi Mud Pie — a molten lava cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Escape from Reality

We washed it all down with a couple of mocktails, a spicy and sweet Pineapple Twist, and a berry and Red Bull-based Give Me Wings. But Escape from Reality is their in-house favourite and the cocktail surely hits all the right notes.

Meal for 2: Rs 1200 +

Pictures by Anindya Saha

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