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One thing you must do when you buy House for sale Spain Malaga is to wander around the Atarazanas food market. Your time will be well spent on the building and the people selling the delectable seasonal and local goods. Like most of Spain, the central market in Málaga is such a significant part of daily life that you must see it yourself. 

First, the market has beautiful stained glass windows, Mudéjar arches, and an attractive iron and glass canopy that adds to the building’s beauty. This market is housed in a structure that wasn’t designed for that usage. It was constructed during the Nasrid era as a shipyard and had Arabian origins.

The structure has undergone numerous modifications, serving as a military hospital and barracks. It wasn’t until the 19th century, following a refurbishment that included cast iron and a completely new, more modern architecture, that the actual market was built there.

The market offers a wide variety of goods, including those from Spain, Andalucia, and of course, locally produced treats that you may have never heard of, much less tried. For instance, “Espero” or loquat/medlar fruit, an orange fruit, is available starting in May; “breves,” a type of not-so-sweet fig, begin to ripen in June; San Juan pears, which are so small you might mistake them for not being ripe yet; cherimoyas or custard apples in the fall; the natural purple “morá” carrot appears in December; the prickly pear, Trigueros.

Depending on each vendor, the Atarazanas market is open from Monday through Saturday from 8 am to roughly 2 pm, closing only after all of their goods have been sold. Therefore, we advise you to arrive as early as possible because there will be less traffic.

The fish department is closed on Mondays since no one goes fishing on Sundays; thus, there isn’t any fresh fish available on that day. On any other day, though, allow yourself to be delighted by the hues and the different voices, which could undoubtedly fill entire opera rooms and announce the day’s freshest catches.

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