Top Places To Visit In Huntsville Alabama

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Huntsville, Alabama has been a rapidly growing city for almost a decade. Huntsville is now the largest city in the state of Alabama and more and more people are deciding to move here for the cheaper cost of living, competitive job market, and small-town vibes. If you’re wondering if Huntsville, Alabama is a good place to visit for a vacation or long weekend, here are a few of the top places to visit in Huntsville, Alabama. Destination Huntsville also has more activities. 

U.S. Space And Rocket Center 

Dr. Wernher Von Braun and a team of rocket scientists played a large part in transforming Huntsville, Alabama into the technology and science driven community that it is today. The U.S. Space and Rocket Center is a Smithsonian Affiliate, Home of the world-class education program Space Camp, and the official visitor center for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. It has one of the largest collections of space and rocket memorabilia in the world. This is a great day activity for children and families, or anyone interested in NASA and their space efforts.  

Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment 

For the art lovers and craft enthusiasts, Lowe Mill is a great place to visit on the weekends. Formerly a textile mill, It’s the largest privately owned arts facility in the South, and their mission is to nurture local artists, while educating the public about art and the creative process. They have over 152 working studios for over 200 artists, makers, and local businesses, as well as 7 galleries, event space, community garden and theater. They hold several different events throughout the year and they also have culinary places and coffee shops on their campus as well. You can make a whole day out of it, and it’s also a family friendly place.  

Campus 805 

An old middle school turned into a brewery and entertainment center, what more could you ask for? At Campus 805, there are a variety of things to do and places to eat or drink. From Ax Throwing, to viewing the brewery in the old gymnasium, to coffee shops and speakeasies, there is something for everyone here. The old middle school is still very much a part of the charm and aesthetics with the old lockers and memorabilia still on display. It’s a great place to enjoy on the weekends, and a must-see when you come to Huntsville, Alabama.  

Monte Sano State Park 

For the outdoor and hiking enthusiasts, Monte Sano State Park is located right outside of Huntsville, and sits on 2,140 acres with 20 miles of hiking trails, and 14 miles of biking trails. The views are spectacular from the top of Monte Sano Mountain.  

Huntsville Botanical Garden 

The Huntsville Botanical Garden is open to the public year-round and features a diverse ecosystem within its 118 acres. Huntsville Botanical Garden is ranked 3rd on the Alabama’s Top Paid Tourist Attraction list. There are several different events held throughout the year and activities for the whole family.  

If you’re looking for things to do around the Huntsville area, we hope this list will help you in your search. 

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