Travel Gadgets You Cannot Live without as a Working Traveler

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Traveling is hot again now that travel restrictions in various countries are being lifted. Traveling is more popular than before because of remote working and professionals choosing to work from amazing places around the world. You don’t have to go through a lot of trouble to be able to work remotely from places like the Bahamas or Mediterranean.

Before you rush out the door to your next destination, however, some preparations are required. After all, you will still need to connect to remote meetings, check your email and task management platform, and connect with your team to get things done. These gadgets will be essential if you are on your way to becoming a working traveler.

A Capable Laptop

There is no shortage of great laptops to choose from for your next trip. You may even already have a capable laptop provided by the office. Making sure that the laptop will survive trips to gorgeous destinations is necessary.

A durable ultraportable is not difficult to find. A metal chassis and some splash and dust resistance are preferrable, but even most plastic laptops are durable enough for everyday use in the shade and can withstand occasional bumps.

You also want SSD as the storage of choice. The moving part in hard drives could cause them to break when carried around. A discrete graphics card like the Intel® Arc™ is another thing that you want in order to have all the performance you need on the go.

A Phone with Tethering or a Modem

Most destinations have reliable internet connectivity. We say most because not every destination, accommodation, or restaurant has it. Having a phone that you can convert into a wireless modem, or a dedicated portable Wi-Fi will make life a lot easier as a working traveler.

Even when the on-site internet is good, a portable Wi-Fi access point can help share the hotel or villa internet connection with more devices. You also have the option to secure the local network, making file sharing and data transfers safer.

Don’t Forget the Sockets

Two things you need when traveling the world today: dongles for your devices and a power outlet or extension cable with a suitable plug. Pick up a multi-adapter to make sure that your devices can be plugged in or charged.

Some chargers double as a multi-adapter too. Aukey and Anker, for instance, have products that combine a 5.000mAh or larger power bank, a charging brick, and a multi-adapter for other electrical devices. If you choose the multi-adapter option, make sure you have enough for your devices.

One last thing to note about power adapters is the voltage on which they operate. Most countries now use 220v and many devices support both 110v and 220v, but it is still necessary to check before traveling. Never plug in 110v charger to a 220v socket.

As long as you have these essential gadgets, you can easily switch between enjoying a nice beach and working on important projects remotely no matter where you are. There are other gadgets you can pick up to make life as a working traveler easier, but we’ll save them for another article; stay tuned for more! 

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